The Philosophy of Love

It’s a given that something can never come from nothing.
So we were something before we were everything.
What is, draws near to what is
and I drew stick figures to get closer to you.
Naming you as a something I would like to mark as mine,
and marking tree bark to name these feelings that we have
as something others have called love.

What were we before we were in love?
I can’t remember who I am
when I’m not in love with you.

I was something.
Because I couldn’t have been nothing.
And now I’m something different
because there is no such thing as
‘change does not exist’

You have changed me.
Only to find I’ve become someone
incapable of loving the way I used to.

Now what are we to do?
Argue the facts?
Ignore the questions?
We seem to disagree on how we should agree

And I would say,
Let’s just sit in silence
Though we cannot think of nothing
because nothing can’t exist

So you and I
We will never be nothing,
not even if we tried.

We will always be something.
Maybe to each other,
Maybe to several others.

I guess that’s something too.


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