Give Me Paris

I made it through my shower
without drowning tears in your name down the drain.
after, I laid on my bed for a while,
hair wrapped up in my towel
my striped bathrobe the only cover for my newly scrubbed skin

The thought did occur to me that I do this far too often.
I didn’t move.

Memories of you came to gently rest next to me
as another song started to play in the tune of your absence.


We shared so little space,
thousands of miles between us
only 13 days when I could actually touch you
and none of it is on the New York map.

So if you want, you can have Manhattan…
there’s very little chance you’ll find any part of me there.
But I see you so much in my dreams,
I hardly think it matters where we rest our heads.
You’re everywhere it seems.

Let’s split the world in half.
I’m willing if you are
to avoid the war and negotiate for land.
I won’t fight you for very much,
just one request
and a promise,

You can have Manhattan.
Indian waters.
Russian winters.
California summers.

I just want Paris.

And in return,
I swear I won’t go searching for your footprints.

Give me Paris
give me this one selfish moment
to have something you have not touched
although I’m sure I’ll find your ghost waiting there.

If I can’t have you,
I want Paris.


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