October 6th 2009


“Econ was fun today” -You


December 13, 2009

The only thing I remember is lying on your bed
my hands grasping at a pillow
and looking out your window, trying not to cry
my heart fighting its hardest to keep you.

Me: I want to give this a try.
You: I don’t want to do long distance

and it wasn’t enough.




That’s what you called our first hug.

And then you asked if I wanted to spend the night with you. To be honest, I wanted to say yes, but I think I knew, even then, that that would only lead to heartbreak.

Good Things I Still Remember

Red Vines
Into the Woods lyrics
Late night skype staring contests
saying I miss you for the first time
Safeway adventures
our first hug
Gus the Platypus
Phish Food ice cream
dancing in the kitchen
our first phone call
Milky Ways
Invisible Ink scavenger hunt instructions
Blues Dance in Drag
walking home that night
techno music
saying I love you
2am conversations
the accordion
Dear Devin
your fingers in my hair
carepackages and rainy days
Sleeping to Dream
your 20th birthday
poetry confessions
wanting to kiss you
latkes in your kitchen
having hope