The darkness steadies against the horizon, and the ache settles in my chest…dull, almost lifeless. I think of you, what you might be doing wherever you are.

My curiosity is never fully satisfied, but I move on anyway knowing it shouldn’t be.


Continental Divide (Thoughts from the Road)

We used to multiply our words
in the gold mines of love,

Getting rich off emotions
no one else could have possibly felt
before we’d touch hands.

I am not a miner of words anymore.

I am not in desperate search
of the last nugget
that could save me from this haggard life,
and make my heart rest a moment in sharp relief.

I am sitting on the Continental Divide of
whatever life is without you.

It could go either way.


To be fair…

I didn’t mean to go looking for you. You just sort of appeared, like you always did, I suppose.

A newsfeed friend of a friend, adventures captured picturesque…Curiosity is a dangerously beautiful thing.

And there you were, looking just as you did before. I almost didn’t recognize you. All I could think was, oh, you still exist…How odd.

How…anticlimactic. That my breath didn’t even catch.

And then you were gone. And I felt almost nothing.

I suppose,

Facebook stalking isn’t nearly as intoxicating as it was.